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Sam Swann's movie mysteries. Attack of the blobs!!!
Sam Swann's movie mysteries. Attack of the blobs!!!
Landman, Tanya2015
Sam Swann, his make-up artist dad and his pack brother Watson are jetting off to America to film superhero blockbuster Attack of the Blobs!!! First stop: Moviewonderland. While Sam's dad is busy turning actors into alien blob monsters, Sam will be riding every rollercoaster in the park. But there's tension behind the scenes: the film's two leads are going through a messy off-screen break-up; someone is playing strange practical jokes on the cast; and Tinkerbelle Cherry's new Siamese kitten - Prince Rupert III - has taken a dislike to Watson. As Sam sets to work teachig his dog how to behave around cats, the Joker's pranks become ever more sinister. Then Prince Rupert III goes missing.
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Brighton LibraryJunior FictionJ LANAvailable