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Birds without wings

De Bernieres, Louis, 1954-2014
It is the story of a small coastal town in South West Anatolia in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire told in the richly varied voices of the people - Christians and Muslims of Turkish and Greek and Armenian descent - whose lives are rooted there, intertwined for untold years. There is Iskander, the potter and local font of proverbial wisdom, Karatavuk - Iskander's son - and Mehmetcik, childhood friends whose playground stretches across the hills above the town, where Mehmetcik teaches the illiterate Karatavuk to write Turkish in Greek letters. There are Father Kristoforos and Abdulhamid Hodja, holy men of different faiths who greet each other as 'Infidel Efendi' and Rustem Bey, the landlord and protector of the town, whose wife is stoned for the sin of adultery. There is a man known as 'the Dog' because of his hideous aspect, who lives among the Lycian tombsm and another known as 'the Blasphemer', who wanders the town cursing God and all of his representatives of all faiths.
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