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The goodly spellbook : olde spells for modern problems
The goodly spellbook : olde spells for modern problems
Deerman, Dixie2014
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This book presents a collection of ancient spells and incantations that have been adapted for modern times.
Main title:
The goodly spellbook : olde spells for modern problems / Dixie Deerman, Lady Passion, high priestess and Steven Rasmussen, Diuvei, high priest, Coven Oldenwilde.
New York : Sterling Ethos, 2014.
xviii, 508 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes glossaryIncludes bibliographical references (pages 489-497) and index.
Machine generated contents note: pt. I Scope -- Spellcraft · The Natural and Ancient Art of Applied Spirituality -- The Hidden History of Spellcraft -- How the Art Magical Works -- What Constitutes a Spell? -- Spellwork · Goodly Help for You, Your Loved Ones, and the Planet -- You Can Live a Magical Life -- Trust Your Magical Instincts -- Let Your Talents and Interests Guide Your Spellcraft -- Spell Ingredients Are Everywhere -- How to Find or Create a Magical Atmosphere -- How to Practice Ethical Magic in an Unconscionable World -- pt. II Skills -- As Above, So Below · The Art of Correspondences -- The Two Polarities -- Four Elements and Four Quarters -- The Seven Planets and Their Properties -- Timing Spells for Maximum Efficacy -- The Wheel of the Year -- Regarding Color -- Hitches Scry Over Spilt Milk · The Art of Divination -- Elemental Scrying -- Omens and Portents -- Paper Ball Toss -- How to Read the Past, Present, and Future with Three Pebbles --Contents note continued: Tree Divination Using Three Nutshell Halves -- Random Mark Making · Geomancy -- Digital Divination · Chronomancy -- Divine Number · The Magic of Counting -- The Qualities of Quantities -- "Murphy's Magic" · Mastering the Art of Opposites -- Three Times' the Charm -- The Cymric Count or "Shepherd's Score" -- Chants and Charms · The Power of Words -- The Magic in Consonants and Vowels -- And Better It Be in Rhyme -- Lingua Arcana · The Secret Language of Witchcraft -- From Abracadabra to Zomelak · Barbarous Words of Power -- Secret Writing · Letters, Glyphs, and Runes -- Magical Alphabets -- Making Sigils and Seals -- Musical Spells · Singing, Humming, and Drumming Magic -- The Magic in Musical Modes and Rhythms -- Making Musical Ciphers -- Magical Movement and Gestures -- Mystical Dance -- Spellbinding · The Art of Fascination and Glamoury -- The Two Perfect Pentacles · The Power of Human Hands -- Hands-On Spellcrafting -- Knot Magic --Contents note continued: Stir Up Something Goodly · Kitchen Witchery -- Making Poppets -- Making Amulets and Talismans -- How to Know You're Doing Spells Properly -- Spell work Rules of Thumb -- The Rule of Two.
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Brighton LibraryNon Fiction133.44 DEEOnloan - Due: 26 Mar 2017Claims Never Borrowed (Set: 20 Mar 2017)
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