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Are you fully charged? : the 3 keys to energizing your work and life
Are you fully charged? : the 3 keys to energizing your work and life
Rath, Tom, 1975-2015
Tom Rath, author of five influential bestsellers, reveals the three keys that matter most for our daily health and well-being, as well as our engagement in our work. Drawing on the latest and most practical research from health, psychology, and economics, this book focuses on changes we can make to create better days for ourselves and others. Are You Fully Charged? will challenge you to stop pursuing happiness and start creating meaning instead, lead you to rethink your daily interactions with the people who matter most, and show you how to put your own health first in order to be your best every day.
[Arlington, VA] : Silicon Guild, 2015
xi, 240 pages ; 21 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 217-240)
Machine generated contents note: The Science of Daily Experience -- The Three Keys to a Full Charge -- pt. I MEANING -- ch. 1 Create Meaning With Small Wins -- Abandon the Pursuit of Happiness -- Swim in the Deep End of Life -- ch. 2 Pursue Life, Liberty, and Meaningfulness -- Get a Charge From Within -- Forge Meaning in the Moment -- ch. 3 Make Work a Purpose, Not Just a Place -- Work for More Than a Living -- Go Beyond Engagement -- ch. 4 Find a Higher Calling Than Cash -- Avoid Upward Comparison -- Keep Money From Killing Meaning -- ch. 5 Ask What the World Needs -- Double Down on Your Talents -- Act Now Before Today is Gone -- ch. 6 Don't Fall Into the Default -- Cast a Shadow Instead of Living in One -- Craft Your Dream Into Your Job -- ch. 7 Initiate to Shape the Future -- Put Purpose Before Busyness -- Focus on Less to Do More -- Silence Pavlov's Bell -- ch. 8 Focus for 45, Break for 15 -- Use Purpose to Prevent Plague -- Keep Your Mission in Mind -- pt. II INTERACTIONS --Contents note continued: ch. 9 Make Every Interaction Count -- Assume Good Intent -- Focus On the Frequency -- ch. 10 Be 80 Percent Positive -- Use Positive Words as Glue -- At Least Pay Attention -- ch. 11 Start Small and Be Clear -- Use Questions to Spark Conversation -- Connect For Speed and Creativity -- ch. 12 Take a Break for Relationships -- Want What You Already Have -- Use Your Phone When You're Alone -- ch. 13 Put Experiences First -- Buy Happiness (for Someone Else) -- Plan Ahead for Well-Being -- ch. 14 Avoid Flying Solo -- Win While Others Succeed -- Use Pro-Social Incentives -- ch. 15 Build a Cumulative Advantage -- Help Someone See What Could Be -- Develop the Ultimate Strength -- pt. III ENERGY -- ch. 16 Put Your Own Health First -- Use Short-Term Thinking for Better Health -- ch. 17 Eat Your Way to a Better Day -- Make Every Bite Count -- Set Better Defaults -- Find Food That Charges Your Mood -- ch. 18 Learn to Walk Before You Run --Contents note continued: Keep Sitting From Sapping Your Energy -- Measure to Move More -- Get a 12-Hour Charge in 20 Minutes -- ch. 19 Sleep Longer to Achieve More -- Don't Show Up for Work After a Six-Pack -- Get a Vaccine for the Common Cold -- Fight Light, Heat, and Noise -- ch. 20 Eat, Move, and Sleep to De-Stress -- Keep Stress From Snowballing -- Avoid Secondhand Stress -- ch. 21 Respond with Resiliency -- Push "Pause" Before Responding -- Grin to Bear It -- Epilogue: Create a Positive Charge -- Share Your Most Precious Resources -- Do Well for a Life Well Lived -- CREATING A POSITIVE CHARGE: TOOLS AND RESOURCES -- A.Chapter Recap and Discussion Questions -- B.Essential Reading -- C.References.
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