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The 10 best anxiety busters : simple strategies to take control of your worry
The 10 best anxiety busters : simple strategies to take control of your worry
Wehrenberg, Margaret2015
Suffer from a fear of flying? Break out in a sweat during presentations? Experience a sudden panic attack when in a confined space, like an elevator? Whether you're struggling with mild anxiety or battling more severe phobia or panic, these are common experiences that affect millions of people. So what are the perennially anxious to do? In ten simple techniques, this pocket-sized, anxiety-busting guide boils down the most effective remedies for worry and anxiety, whether chronic or in the moment. From breathing exercises and relaxation practices to thought-stopping techniques, worry "containment," effective self-talk, and strategies that put an end to catastrophizing once and for all, it's your go-to guide when anxiety levels begin to boil. Throw it in your carry-on, stow it in your briefcase, or keep it in your desk when you need a quick reminder of some easy techniques that can turn your anxiety from overpowering to manageable in no time.
New York : W. W. Norton & Company, 2015
xxxiii, 253 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
A worried mind, and body too: What kind of anxiety do you have? -- Anxiety busters. Avoid CATS (not the furry ones) -- Breathe -- Use mindfulness with shifting awareness -- Just relax! No, really, just relax ... -- Don't make mountains out of molehills -- Stop and swap -- Contain your worry -- Think something different, do something different -- Control TMA (too much activity) -- Plan and practice -- 10 common stressful situations and tips on handling them.
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