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Squirrel boy vs. the bogeyman
Squirrel boy vs. the bogeyman
Lowe, Dave2015
Walter Kettle is just an ordinary boy, until that is, he is bitten on the bottom by a radioactive squirrel. From that moment, whenever he eats a nut, Walter Kettle becomes Squirrel Boy. With the help of his ferocious elderly neighbour, Mrs Onions, Walter finds himself fighting crime as an unlikely, hilarious and totally ridiculous super-hero. There's an explosion at the town's nuclear power plant. A week later, after eating his mum's nut roast, Walter realises something very strange is happening to him. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Jeremy Winkle-Mann Grub is picking his nose. When he inserts a finger into his nostril, he accidently inserts a bug (a bug that has recently been living in the armpit of an aforementioned radioactive squirrel), and Jeremy becomes The Bogeyman. When The Bogeyman embarks on a series of thefts, Walter is the only one who can stop him. Following a strict training regime, orchestrated by Mrs Onions, Squirrel Boy is ready to save the town.
Main title:
Squirrel boy vs. the bogeyman / Dave Lowe ; illustrated by Cate James.
London : Phoenix Yard Books, 2015.
160 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
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Beaumaris LibraryJunior FictionJ LOWAvailable