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Cities and the creative class
Cities and the creative class
Florida, Richard L.2005
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Review: "In his compelling follow-up to 'The Rise of the Creative Class', Richard Florida outlines how certain cities succeed in attracting members of the "creative class"--the millions of people who work in information-age economic sectors and in industries driven by innovation and talent. Cities that succeed, Florida argues, are those that are able to attract and retain creative class members. They don't do this through the traditional strategies of tax incentives, suburban housing developments, and loose regulation, though; creative class members don't care about those details. Rather, they care about amenities and tolerance, and are drawn to cities with thriving bohemias and large gay populations. It is no coincidence, Florida asserts, that places likes Austin and San Francisco with their highly publicized open-mindedness and bohemia are at the forefront of the new economy, while cities like Detroit, in contrast, can't succeed unless they actively become a magnet for the creative class. To prove his point, Florida presents a mass of information on the cities he cites, both thriving and failing cities, including gay and bohemian indices. Focusing on the economic geography of place, Florida explains lays out what cities need to do to have a chance at success." -- Publisher's website.
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New York ; London : Routledge, 2005.
viii, 198 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ch. 1. Introduction -- Ch. 2. Cities and the creative class -- Ch. 3. Competing in the age of talent -- Ch. 4. The economic geography of talent -- Ch. 5. Bohemia and economic geography -- Ch. 6. Technology and tolerance (with Gary Gates) -- Ch. 7. The university, talent, and quality of place -- Ch. 8. Place-making after 9/11 -- Ch. 9. Open questions.
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