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Tramp ; or, the art of living a wild and poetic life
Tramp ; or, the art of living a wild and poetic life
Espedal, Tomas, 1961-2010
'Why travel?' asks Tomas Espedal in "Tramp", 'Why not just stay at home, in your room, in your house, in the place you like better than any other, your own place. The familiar house, the requisite rooms in which we have gathered the things we need, a good bed, a desk, a whole pile of books. The windows giving on to the sea and the garden with its apple trees and holly hedge, a beautiful garden, growing wild'. The first step in any trip or journey is always a footstep - the brave or curious act of putting one foot in front of the other and stepping out of the house onto the sidewalk below. Here, Espedal contemplates what this ambulatory mode of travel has meant for great artists and thinkers, including Rousseau, Kant, Hazlitt, Thoreau, Rimbaud, Whitman, Giacometti, and Robert Louis Stevenson.
Main title:
Tramp ; or, the art of living a wild and poetic life / Tomas Espedal ; translated by James Anderson.
London : Seagull, 2010.
313 p. ; 21 cm.
Translation of : Gå, eller, kunsten å leve et vilt og poetisk liv.Translated from the Norwegian.
Part 1 -- Why not begin with a street -- Going to the dogs -- Before I go -- An impossible living room -- The dream of vanishing -- To walk away from a relationship -- A lonely wanderer's reveries -- I should have had a trade -- Down the open road -- Swansea. Wales. Summer '98 -- Staufen. Germany. Spring '99 -- The origin of loneliness -- So full of leave-taking -- The perfect day -- I found a resting place -- Breakfast with the Dales in Modal -- To the mountains -- Night in the mountains -- The sun's reveille -- With Anders Øvrebø at Ortnevik -- Boots and the Man, I sing! -- At the hairdresser's -- Faun's evening -- To go alone or with a companion -- The wayfaring books -- The diaries -- An attempt -- A midsummer night's dream -- Sleeping out -- On the beach -- Part 2 -- Sports and entertainment -- Giacometti and the prostitutes -- The Rimbaud route -- How does a journey begin? -- Finding the way -- Out of Greece, into Turkey -- Walking the streets of Istanbul -- The Lycian way -- A sojourn at Olympos -- Homesickness -- Epilogue.
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