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Driverless : intelligent cars and the road ahead
Driverless : intelligent cars and the road ahead
Lipson, Hod2016
"Few inventions have changed life as much as the car. These large hunks of steel and horsepower are everywhere, so ubiquitous and deeply intertwined with our lives, jobs and families that we barely pay them any attention. The mundane car, however, is about to become the ultimate mobility device. Thanks to rapid advances in robotics and artificial intelligence, cars are poised to morph into the first mainstream autonomous robots that we will entrust with our lives, creating a cascade of social and economic change. - How do driverless cars work? - Why has it taken nearly 100 years to create a working driverless car? - What are the technological and social barriers? - How do roboticists create artificial perception and what is "Deep Learning"? - How will this technology change our lives, our businesses, and our cities? - What new opportunities lie ahead?"--Provided by publisher.
Main title:
Cambridge, MA ; London : The MIT Press, 2016
x, 312 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
The robotic chauffeur -- A driverless world -- The ultimate mobility device -- A mind of its own -- Creating artificial perception -- First there were electronic highways -- Smart cars first, not smart highways -- Rise of the robots -- Anatomy of a driverless car -- Deep learning : the final piece of the puzzle -- Fueled by data -- The ripple effects.
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