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A Harry & Lil story. The shrew that flew
A Harry & Lil story. The shrew that flew
Copus, Julia, 1969-2016
One Saturday, in the middle of June, one bright and windy afternoon, all the creatures by Piggyback Wood were getting ready as fast as they could. There was only a short time left to prepare for the birthday party at Badger's lair. Badger's having a birthday party and Harry & Lil are getting ready, but just as Lil is getting her favourite hat off the washing line to wear, it blows away. Harry says it's gone for good, but Lil says you should never say never if birds can fly, shrews can, too. An umbrella does not work, nor does a fan ... but then Deer comes along with a big green balloon!
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Brighton LibraryJunior Picture BooksCOnloan - Due: 07 Aug 2021