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Realpolitik : a history
Realpolitik : a history
Bew, John
"In this concise book, John Bew offers a history of the concept of Realpolitik in the English-speaking world: its origins as an idea; its practical application to statecraft in the recent past; and its relevance to the foreign policy challenges facing the United States and its allies in the future. Now most often associated with the conduct of foreign policy, Realpolitik has traditionally had pejorative connotations in the English-speaking world and sits uneasily alongside notions of "enlightenment," "morality" and "virtue." But it has also had its defenders, admirers and exponents, who regard it as the best tool for the successful wielding of political power and the preservation of global order. As such, Realpolitik has both successes and failures to its name, as Bew's comprehensive and even-handed overview displays"--
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Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2015.
vi, 395 pages ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Introduction: The return of Realpolitik -- Part I: Real Realpolitik -- 1. Origins -- 2. Foundations -- 3. Liberalism and Bismarck : a fatal compromise? -- 4. Realpolitik after Rochau -- Part II: Anti-Realpolitik and the Anglo-American Worldview -- 5. The English discovery of Realpolitik -- 6. American Realpolitik -- 7. The coming peace and the eradication of Realpolitik -- Part III: Interwar Realpolitik -- 8. The ingestion of Realpolitik -- 9. Postwar Germany and the Realpolitik revival -- 10. Realpolitik, fascism, and appeasement -- Part IV: Realpolitik and the Tangled Roots of American Realism -- 11. Geopolitics and the ethics of American statecraft -- 12. German émigrés and American Realism -- 13. The Bismarck debate -- Part V: Practical Realpolitik -- 14. Realpolitik before Détente -- 15. The Kissinger Effect -- 16. From Cold War to New World Order -- Conclusion: A return to foundations.
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