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Crimes of winter : variations on adultery and venial sins
Crimes of winter : variations on adultery and venial sins
Georget, Philippe, 1962-2017
This winter is going to be a rough one for Inspector Gilles Sebag, for he has discovered a terrible truth: Claire has been cheating on him. Bouncing between depression, whisky, and insomnia, he buries himself in work in an attempt to forget. But his investigations lead him inexorably to bigger tragedies--a woman murdered in a hotel, a depressed man who throws himself from the roof of his building, another who threatens to blow up the neighbourhood--all of them involving betrayals of some sort. Perpignan seems to be suffering from a veritable epidemic of crimes of passion. Adultery is everywhere! And each betrayal leads to another dramatic crime. Sebag has an uncanny ability to slip into the skin of his suspects and solve apparently unsolvable crimes. Though professionally charmed, he is unlucky in love. He is a perfect protagonist for the town of Perpignan, sleepy and leisurely on the surface, seething with vice and violence underneath.
Main title:
Crimes of winter : variations on adultery and venial sins / Philippe Georget ; translated from the French by Steven Rendall.
New York, NY : Europa Editions, 2017.©2015
435 pages ; 21 cm.
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Translated from the French.
9781609453893 (paperback)
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Brighton LibraryFiction CrimeGEORAvailable
Brighton LibraryFiction CrimeGEORAvailable