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Archie's bag of treasures
Archie's bag of treasures
Barnard, Lucy2016
Archie is jealous because his big brother Oliver has returned from a party with a party bag full of goodies, including a wonderful silver windmill. When Mum suggests that Archie gather his own bag of treasures, he sets about collecting enthusiastically; first a shiny conker, then a red leaf, some juicy blackberries, some teasels and, best of all, a beautiful glass marble. But then a magpie spies the glittering marble and steals Archie's bag. Who will help Archie! Who'd have thought it's his brother who comes up trumps.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Hampton LibraryJunior Picture BooksBOnloan - Due: 17 Feb 2022
Sandringham LibraryJunior Picture BooksBAvailable