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The life of Mahatma Gandhi
The life of Mahatma Gandhi
Fischer, Louis, 1896-19702015
Mahatma Gandhi became a legend in his own time. A tireless fighter for human rights and for Indian independence, his strategy of satyagraha, or passive resistance, earned him the admiration of millions. Louis Fischer's biography is the definitive account of Gandhi's life; it tells the astonishing story of one man who changed the world forever.
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London : Vintage, 2015
560 pages ; 20 cm.
Originally published: [London] : Jonathan Cape, 1951.Includes bibliographical references and index.
Pt. ONE THE END AND THE BEGINNING -- 1.Death Before Prayers -- 2.The Beginnings of an Extraordinary Man -- 3.`M.K. Gandhi, Attorney-at-Law' -- 4.Gandhi and the Gita -- 5.Indian Interlude -- 6.Towards Greatness -- 7.A Mob Scene -- 8.Gandhi Goes to War -- 9.The Transformation Begins -- 10.11 September, 1906 -- 11.Gandhi Goes to Jail -- 12.Letter to a Son -- 13.Tolstoy and Gandhi -- 14.The Shape of Things to Come -- 15.The Victory -- pt. TWO GANDHI IN INDIA 9 JANUARY, 1915-23 MARCH, 1946 -- 1.Home in India -- 2.`Sit Down, Gandhi' -- 3.`Children of God' -- 4.Indigo -- 5.First Fast -- 6.Goat's Milk -- 7.The History of British Rule in India -- 8.Murder -- 9.Gandhi Enters Politics -- 10.Gandhi's Families -- 11.Operation and Fast -- 12.Funds and Jewels -- 13.The `Silent' Year -- 14.Collapse -- 15.Prologue -- 16.Drama at the Seashore -- 17.Parleys with the Rebel -- 18.On the Way Home -- 19.Climax -- 20.Without Politics -- 21.Descent into War --Contents note continued: 22.Winston S. Churchill versus Mohandas K. Gandhi -- 23.My Week With Gandhi -- 24.Will-Power -- 25.Jinnah and Gandhi -- pt. THREE THE BIRTH OF TWO NATIONS 23 MARCH, 1946-30 JANUARY, 1948 -- 1.On the Eve of Independence -- 2.India in Suspense -- 3.Gandhi Revisited -- 4.Pilgrim's Progress -- 5.Asia's Message to the West -- 6.Tragic Victory -- 7.Gandhi Hoes His Garden -- 8.The Future of India -- 9.The Last Fast -- 10.The Last Act.
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