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The dog's last walk
The dog's last walk
Jacobson, Howard, 1942-2017
Hilarious, heartbreaking, provocative and affecting - Howard Jacobson's irresistible journalism reveals the Man Booker Prize-winning novelist in all his humanity. From the tiniest absurdities to the most universal joys and desolations, Jacobson writes with a thunder, passion and wit unmatched.
Main title:
The dog's last walk / Howard Jacobson.
London ; Sydney : Bloomsbury, 2017.
ix, 285 pages ; 24 cm.
"This is my second selection of columns from the Independent"--Introduction.
Machine generated contents note: The dog's last walk -- So long as there are women laughing, civilisation's safe -- Experience is lovelier than innocence -- How to live forever -- God is me -- Sweet boy, that Jihadi John -- All sportsmen die in hotels -- Did you see what my arm just did? -- Darts: the last refuge of the serious -- The erotic gravitas of George Galloway -- Toast -- In God's name, why? -- Fisherman's friend -- Ignorance is Bravo Lima India Sierra Sierra -- In the country of the deaf the man with, subtitles is king -- Phoney racists -- `Get out of my face!' -- Raising the age of consent -- Arrivederci Raffaele -- Rejoice! -- Fanatics only ever read one book -- Boris and the bikes -- Strictly turn-off -- Who dunnit? The one who dunnit last time -- Smiley face -- There was a rabbi of Kiev -- A pocket manual of blame -- Death is Venice -- How not to be a knob -- The glorious madness of Wisden -- You're going the wrong way, mate --Contents note continued: Let's introduce ourselves: what's your username? -- How very dare you -- You can't enjoy Proust or aloo gobi standing up -- Nice porn -- The shame that outlives us -- Calm down, dear -- The New Barbarism -- Shoot the highwayman -- But what if I don't want to connect to you? -- Nostril hair and the university -- How to be hip -- Peace -- The sweet seductiveness of loss -- Nellie, I am Catherine Earnshaw -- The phoenix and the turtle -- The wages of indulgence is darts -- What's Hecuba to you? -- In Leonard Cohen's fedora you too can look like L. S. Lowry -- The unhappy wanderer -- At least the old aren't young -- There's always another Dark Lady -- Bastard -- Scrooge -- Is that all there is? -- Flyting, sledging, and where to stick your asterisks -- Wasp watching -- Steady on, Lawrence -- Conformity kills -- Happy now? -- A self-effacing man -- When enough's enough -- The world turned upside down -- Down and out in Covent Garden -- The star is fallen --Contents note continued: Advice to a young artist: Don't be yourself -- Cropper -- Tenho saudades tuas -- Preacher man -- American buffalo -- Norovirus -- Nani in space -- The Queen versus Edward Snowden -- Into the digital darkness -- Nights in white satin; nuns in red nighties -- Killing is a serious business -- In praise of insincerity -- The ghost speech -- Yes but no but -- And no I said no I won't No: Molly Bloom decides against casting a vote in the 2015 elections -- Culpability Brown -- Don't ask me -- Dumb also degrades -- The dying bug -- Weeping in the new year -- Is that a bomb you're carrying or are you just pleased to see me? -- Damnation for dummies -- Remembering Odin Testostenhammur -- Clowns -- It isn't a day of rest we need, it's a day unlike the day before -- These things of darkness -- Offence is sacred.
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