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Marty Pants. Do not open!
Marty Pants. Do not open!
Parisi, Mark2017
Marty Pants is different from your typical middle schooler. He has the soul of an artist, and as an artist, he notices things the kinds of things other kids don't seem to see. So when Marty discovers that an alien is lurking around his town, watching him, Marty knows this is a danger he can't just ignore. But no one, not his best friends Parker and Roongrat or his mother, father, sister, arch-enemy, Simon, or Chief of Police Pickels, believes him. So, it's up to Marty to save the world his way.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior FictionJ PAROnloan - Due: 12 Feb 2022
Hampton LibraryJunior FictionJ PARAvailable