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Where dragonflies hover
Where dragonflies hover
Brear, AnneMarie2017
Everyone thinks Lexi is crazy when she falls in love with Hollingsworth House - a crumbling old Georgian mansion in Yorkshire - and nobody more so than her husband, Dylan. But there's something very special about the place, and Lexi can sense it. Whilst exploring the grounds, she stumbles across an old diary and, within its pages, she meets Allie - an Australian nurse working in France during the First World War. Lexi finally realises her dream of buying Hollingsworth, but her obsession with the house leaves her marriage in tatters. In the lonely nights that follow, Allie's diary becomes Lexi's companion, comforting her in moments of darkness and pain. And as Lexi reads, the nurse's scandalous connection to the house is revealed.
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Beaumaris LibraryAdult FictionBREAAvailable