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The despot's apprentice : Donald Trump's attack on democracy
The despot's apprentice : Donald Trump's attack on democracy
Klaas, Brian P. (Brian Paul), 1986-2017
Donald Trump isn't a despot. But he is increasingly acting like a despot's apprentice. Whether it's attacking the press, threatening rule of law by firing those who investigate his alleged wrongdoings, or using nepotism to staff the White House, Donald Trump is borrowing moves from the world's dictators. Brian Klaas, an expert on despots and democratisation, is well placed to recognise these symptoms of a study in despotism: Trump's fascination for the military, his obsession with his own personality cult, and his deliberate campaign to blur the line between fact and falsehood are well known to him. But they are new to the United States. With every authoritarian tactic or tweet, Trump further erodes democratic government in the world's most powerful democracy. This apprenticeship also has consequences beyond America's shores. Trump's bizarre adoration and idolization of despotic strongmen - from Presidents Putin and Erdogan to the Philippines' Duterte - has transformed US foreign policy into a powerful force cheerleading some of the world's worst regimes. The Despot's Apprentice is an urgent exploration of the unique threat that Trump poses to global democracy, and how to save it from destruction.
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