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One Shot. One Life - Japanese Archery
One Shot. One Life - Japanese Archery
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In traditional martial arts, mastery of the art is not acquired through technical skill alone. In following ‘The Way’ one must look beyond technique to become a true master. In Japanese archery or Kyudo, hitting the target by itself is not enough. In order to shoot correctly we are told to “Shoot from the Heart”. As Takeuchi sensei says “As a national team member I had to hit the target no matter what. Eventually all that technique became obsolete in exchange to express myself through the bow”. Yet teachers of Kyudo tell us that only through technique will we be able to hit the target correctly. Can both be true? It is a paradox that haunts Takeuchi Masakuni, 7th dan Kyoshi who ponders “How can one fail when both arrows hit the target?”. Awa Kenzo, a great kyudo master, held that its true purpose was ‘to enlighten’. This idea took hold in the west through the book Zen in the Art of Archery, written by Eugen Herrigel, one of Awa’s students. Awa’s legacy of “Standing Zen” can be witnessed still today at the Enma dojo in the grounds of Engakuji Zen Temple. Without an opponent, it is a path of self discovery where the target is a mirror – a reflection of the self. Whatever path you follow, the common ground is that true mastery of Kyudo is a journey that has no ending. In our documentary “One Shot. One Life” the climactic end will have you holding your breath as Takeuchi Masakuni enters the 8th dan grading for his 16th attempt. It is a test so severe that this Kyudo master is forced to comment “This struggle is my driving force and that is why I cannot stop.”.
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