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Discontent and its civilizations : dispatches from Lahore, New York and London

Hamid, Mohsin, 1971-2015
'When I was younger, I thought of being a migrant and being foreign as things that made me different, an outsider. Now, I think these experiences are increasingly universal ...' Since 2000 novelist Mohsin Hamid has been writing about what it means to be an individual in an increasingly fragmented world. In the pieces gathered here he gives us a portrait of a man coming to terms with not only his place in that world but also how its convulsions and changes shape so many of us - for good and ill. Whether writing of his home life, about being a migrant or of today's geopolitical fault lines, Hamid gives us his deeply personal take on life at the beginning of the 21st century.
London : Penguin Books, 2015.
xix, 188 pages ; 20 cm.
Originally published: 2014.
LIFE -- 1 -- Once upon a Life -- Art and the Other Pakistans -- When Updike Saved Me from Morrison (and Myself) -- In Concert, No Touching -- 2 -- International Relations -- The Countdown -- A Home for Water Lilies -- 3 -- Down the Tube -- On Fatherhood -- It Had to be a Sign -- 4 -- Avatar in Lahore -- Don't Angry Me -- Personal and Political Intertwined -- ART -- 5 -- Pereira Transforms -- My Reluctant Fundamentalist -- 6 -- Rereading -- Get Fit with Haruki Murakami -- Enduring Love of the Second Person -- 7 -- Are We Too Concerned that Characters be `Likeable'? -- Where is the Great American Novel by a Woman? -- How Do Ebooks Change the Reading Experience? -- Are the New `Golden Age' TV Shows the New Novels? -- POLITICS -- 8 -- The Usual Ally -- Divided We Fall -- After Sixty Years, Will Pakistan be Reborn? -- 9 -- A Beginning -- Fear and Silence -- Feverish and Flooded, Pakistan Can Yet Thrive -- 10 -- Discontent and Its Civilizations --Contents note continued: Uniting Pakistan's Minority and Majority -- Osama bin Laden's Death -- 11 -- Why They Get Pakistan Wrong -- 12 -- Nationalism Should Retire at Sixy-five -- To Fight India, We Fought Ourselves -- 13 -- Why Drones Don't Help -- 14 -- Islam is Not a Monolith.
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