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The Steves
The Steves
Hood, Morag2018
When Steve meets Steve, neither can believe it. Surely one of them must be the first Steve, the best Steve, the Stevest Steve . . . The claims of each puffin become sillier and sillier as the argument descends into name-calling - until both Steves realize there's really no need to fall out over a name. The feuding puffins perfectly reflect the sort of silly arguments children have - and The Steves shows just how pointless they are.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior Picture BooksHAvailable
Beaumaris LibraryJunior Picture BooksHOnloan - Due: 06 Apr 2021
Sandringham LibraryJunior Picture BooksHOnloan - Due: 26 Mar 2021