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You go first
You go first
Kelly, Erin Entrada2018
Twelve-year-old Charlotte Lockard and eleven-year-old Ben Boxer are separated by more than a thousand miles. On the surface, their lives seem vastly different - Charlotte lives near Philadelphia while Ben is in the small town in Louisiana. Charlotte wants to be a geologist and keeps a rock collection in her room. Ben is obsessed with Harry Potter, presidential history and recycling. But the two have more in common than they think. They're both highly gifted, experiencing family turmoil and sit alone at lunch. Over the course of a week, Charlotte and Ben - online friends connected only by a Scrabble game - will intersect in unexpected ways as they struggle to navigate the turmoil of middle school.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior FictionJ KELOnloan - Due: 01 Nov 2020