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Into the Nightfell Wood
Into the Nightfell Wood
Bailey, Kristin2018
Wynn and Elric may now be safe, but adjusting to life in the Between is not without complications. Their adoptive mother, the benevolent Fairy Queen, is haunted by the memory of her child who was kidnapped long ago and she won't risk letting the same thing happen to Wynn and Elric. But that same grief has been weakening the queen's powers for years and the protective shield around their kingdom is deteriorating. Wynn is coerced into the Nightfell Wood by a creature sent to do the Grendel's bidding and Elric knows he must go after her to save her life. What they discover there - about fear, prejudice and the true nature of evil - will change the fairy kingdom forever.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Hampton LibraryJunior FictionJ BAIAvailable