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The cloak of feathers
The cloak of feathers
Quinlan, Nigel2018
Once every hundred years, the small, forgotten, rural Irish town of Lisahee welcomes The Fairy Festival - a week of celebration where the mysterious and magical 'sidhe' emerge from the hill above the town and take residence alongside their human counterparts for seven days of ancient traditions and games. Filled with dancing, music, goblin markets and fae-folk, the festival has only one rule: never, ever, say 'the f word' - that's 'fairies' - a rule twelve-year-old Brian unfortunately breaks. When mayhem ensues, it's up to Brian and his friends to avoid the wrath of the King and Queen and help keep the town in one piece. A magical adventure filled with myth, mischief and misunderstandings, perfect for fans of modern fairy tales with a comic twist.
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Brighton LibraryJunior FictionJ QUIAvailable