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The story of shit

Dekkers, Midas2018
We are very discreet. We disappear into a small room, perform the task, flush, wash and reappear as if nothing happened. Of course, hygiene is necessary - some faecal bacteria, if re-ingested, can cause very serious problems - and unpleasant aromas are best kept at bay. But in all this hygienic discretion have we lost touch with an integral part of ourselves - something as much a part of living as breathing, eating and sleeping? Something enriching, creative and even enjoyable. In The Story of Shit, Dutch biologist Midas Dekkers presents a personal, cultural, scientific, historical and environmental account of shit, from the digestive process and the fascinating workings of the gut, to the act of defecation and toilet etiquette. With irreverent humour and a compelling narrative style, Dekkers brings a refreshing, entertaining and illuminating perspective to a once-taboo subject.
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The story of shit / Midas Dekkers ; translated from the Dutch by Nancy Forest-Flier.
Melbourne : The Text Publishing Company, 2018.
293 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
First published in Dutch as 'De kleine verlossing of de lust van ontlasten' by Uitgeverij Atlas Contact, Amsterdam, 2014.Includes bibliographical references (pages 270-283) and index.Translated from the Dutch.
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