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ATAR notes. VCE chemistry. Units 3 & 4 : topic tests
ATAR notes. VCE chemistry. Units 3 & 4 : topic tests
Zhang, Stephen2017
Inside the covers, there are 14 high-quality topic tests with a mix of originally written questions and questions sourced from past VCAA's exams. One huge benefit of this is that, with the change of study design in 2017, not all questions in past VCAA exams are relevant to current students. However, every single question in our topic tests are 100% relevant to the current study design, so you can know for a fact that you're studying the right stuff. Every single question in this book is also accompanied by a detailed solution. Each detailed solution contains the answer to the question, a breakdown of how marks would be allocated, and, most importantly, an explanation of why the answer is the way it is, and how you can replicate answers of such a high quality in your own assessments.
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Brighton LibraryScience and Technology540 ZHAAvailable