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The Bernicia Chronicles. III. Blood and blade
The Bernicia Chronicles. III. Blood and blade
Harffy, Matthew2016
AD 635. Anglo-Saxon Britain. King Oswald must leave his wedding party to combat a Pictish uprising. He leaves Beobrand to escort his new queen to their new home, a journey fraught with danger. The third instalment in The Bernicia Chronicles. Oswald is now King of Northumbria. However, his plans for further alliances and conquests are quickly thrown into disarray when his wedding to a princess of Wessex is interrupted by news of a Pictish uprising. Rushing north, Oswald leaves Beobrand to escort the young queen to her new home. Their path is fraught with danger and uncertainty, Beobrand must try to unravel secrets and lies if they are to survive. Meanwhile, old enemies are closing in, seeking brutal revenge. Beobrand will give his blood and blade in service to his king, but will that be enough to avert disaster and save his kith and kin from the evil forces that surround them?
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Brighton LibraryAdult FictionHARFAvailable