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The big book of 30-day challenges : 60 habit-forming programs to live an infinitely better life
The big book of 30-day challenges : 60 habit-forming programs to live an infinitely better life
Casper, Rosanna2017
Do something for 30 days straight and what started as a challenge will have transformed into a habit - a habit that can then easily be made a permanent part of one's lifestyle. That's the simple genius behind this book and the widely popular phenomena of 30-day challenges. Packed with life improving behaviours of all sorts, this fun and friendly guide includes 60 challenges designed to help you crush it at work, eat smarter, become a fitness fanatic, focus on relationships, maximise productivity, be more interesting, kick bad habits, and more.
Berkeley, CA : Ulysses Press, 2017
128 pages : colour illustrations ; 24 cm.
Machine generated contents note: The Power of the 30-Day Challenge -- How to Follow Through on a 30-Day Challenge -- How to Read This Book -- ch. 1 Fitness -- 1.Run Every Day -- 2.30 Days of Exercise -- 3.Train for a 5-Minute Plank -- 4.30 Days of Yoga -- 5.Walk 10,000 Steps -- 6.10 Minutes of Stretching -- 7.The Stairs Workout -- ch. 2 Food -- 8.30 Days without (Added) Sugar -- 9.Give Up Meat -- 10.Eat 7 to 9 Cups of Fruits and Vegetables Each Day -- 11.The Elimination Diet -- 12.Intermittent Fasting -- 13.Drink 8 to 10 Glasses of Water a Day -- 14.Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Morning -- 15.Daily Green Smoothie -- 16.Eat Three Home-Cooked Meals a Day -- 17.Keep a Food Journal -- ch. 3 Self-Care -- 18.Floss Your Teeth (the Right Way) -- 19.Take Cold Showers -- 20.No Complaining, Gossiping, or Judging -- 21.Spend 30 Minutes Outdoors -- 22.The Laughter Challenge -- 23.Dress Up Every Day -- 24.Get Better Sleep -- ch. 4 Mindfulness -- 25.Meditate for 10 Minutes --Contents note continued: 26.Write Down Affirmations -- 27.10 Minutes of Visualization -- 28.Give Yourself Goosebumps (Seek Daily Awe) -- 29.The Higher Power Challenge -- 30.Daily Journaling -- 31.Keep a Gratitude Journal -- 32.Write Down Your Dreams -- 33.Practice Lucid Dreaming -- ch. 5 Organization & Productivity -- 34.No Reading, Watching, or Listening to the News -- 35.Get Rid of Clutter -- 36.Make Your Bed Every Morning -- 37.Track Your Expenses -- 38.No Shopping -- 39.Wake Up at 5 a.m. -- 40.The Digital Clutter Challenge -- 41.The Gradual Digital Detox -- 42.The Checklist Challenge -- ch. 6 Networking & Relationships -- 43.30 Minutes of Family Time -- 44.Love through Everyday Interactions -- 45.Reach Out to Friends -- 46.Have Lunch with Someone New -- 47.Create Daily Delight for Others -- 48.The Rejection Challenge -- ch. 7 Creativity & Learning -- 49.Learn or Brush Up on a Musical Instrument -- 50.Learn a Foreign Language -- 51.Take a Photo Every Day --Contents note continued: 52.Learn a Brand-New Skill -- 53.Write Down 10 Ideas Every Day -- 54.Cook One New Recipe per Day -- 55.Read 20 Pages a Day -- 56.Watch a TED Talk Every Day -- 57.Write a Novel in 30 Days -- 58.Listen to Audiobooks or Podcasts -- 59.Perfect Your Pitch: Videotape Yourself -- 60.Exercise Your Brain.
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