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2062 : the world that AI made
2062 : the world that AI made
Walsh, Toby2018
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2062 is the year by which we will have built machines as intelligent as us. This is what the majority of leading artificial intelligence and robotics experts now predict. But what will this future actually look like? When the quest to build intelligent machines has effectively been successful, how will life on this planet unfold? In 2062, Professor Toby Walsh, a world-leader in the field of artificial intelligence and one of 100 'rock stars' of Australia's digital revolution, considers the impact AI will have on work, war, politics, economics, everyday human life and, indeed, human death. Will automation take away jobs? Will robots become conscious and actually take over? Will we become immortal machines ourselves, uploading our brains to the cloud? How will political institutions adjust to the post-truth, post-privacy digitised world? What lies in store for Homo digitalis ? the people of the not-so-distant future who will be living amongst fully functioning artificial intelligence? Based on a deep understanding of technology and its implications, 2062 describes the choices we need to make today to ensure that future remains bright.
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Carlton, VIC : La Trobe University Press, 2018
302 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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