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Unfabling the East : the Enlightenment's encounter with Asia
Unfabling the East : the Enlightenment's encounter with Asia
Osterhammel, Jurgen2018
Main title:
Unfabling the East : the Enlightenment's encounter with Asia / Jurgen Osterhammel ; translated by Robert Savage.
Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press, 2018
xiii, 676 pages ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.Translated from the German.
Machine generated contents note: I.Introduction: Looking to the East -- Asia's "Decline"---Europe's Arrogance -- The Great Map of Mankind -- The Power of Discourse, the Burden of Learning -- Sensing and Constructing Difference -- Spaces -- Epochs -- PATHWAYS OF KNOWLEDGE -- II.Asia and Europe: Borders, Hierarchies, Equilibria -- Asia and Europe in the Tsarist Empire -- The Ottoman Empire: European Great Power or Barbarian at the Gates? -- Asia: The Preeminent Continent? -- Character and Encyclopedia -- European Primacy and Provincialism -- III.Changing Perspectives -- Cultural Transfer and Colonialism -- Theories of Ethnocentrism -- Competition and Comparison -- Discursive Justice -- Chinese Interviews, Indian Letters -- Niebuhr's Monkey -- IV.Traveling -- Sir John Malcolm's Dinner Party -- A Weeping Mandarin -- Sea and Land -- East Asia: Walled Empires -- South Asia and Southeast Asia: Porous Borders -- The Near East: A Pilgrimage to Antiquity -- Adventurers and Renegades --Contents note continued: Scholars and Administrators -- V.Encounters -- Ordeals, Disappointments, Catastrophes -- The Mysterious Mister Manning -- Interpreters and Dialogues -- Language Barriers -- Mimesis and Deception -- A Sociology of Perception -- VI.Eyewitnesses---Earwitnesses: Experiencing Asia -- Giants and Unicorns -- Prejudices and Preconceptions -- Autopsy -- Before the Tribunal of Philosophy -- Methods of the Inquisitive Class -- Hearing and Hearsay -- Local Knowledge: Asiatic Scholarship in European Texts -- VII.Reporting, Editing, Reading: From Lived Experience to Printed Text -- The Travel Account as a Tool of Inquiry -- Style and Truth -- Anthologies, Collages, Mega-Narratives -- The Task of the Translator -- Topicality and Canonicity -- Traces of Reading -- Arts of Reading -- Fractured Representation -- THE PRESENT AND THE PAST -- VIII.The Raw Forces of History: Apocalyptic Horsemen, Conquerors, Usurpers -- Tribal Asia: Attila and the Consequences --Contents note continued: A Continent of Revolutions -- Timur: Statesman and Monster -- Nadir Shah: Comet of War and Patriot -- Haidar Ali: Tyrant and Enlightened Reformer -- The Modernization of Political Vulcanism -- IX.Savages and Barbarians -- Lost Savages -- Four Types of Barbarism -- The Roof of the World -- "Tartary" in Geography, the Philosophy of History, and Ethnography -- Knights and Strangers in the Crimea -- The Ethnology and Politics of Arabic Liberty -- Theories of Nomadism -- Triumph of the Settlers -- X.Real and Unreal Despots -- The Heirs of Nero and Solomon -- Montesquieu Reads Sir John Chardin -- Despotism and the Philosophy of History -- "Oriental Despotism" under Suspicion -- Anquetil-Duperron: The Despot's New Clothes -- India: Translatio Despotica -- Despotism with Chinese Characteristics -- The Ottoman Empire: Praetorian Guards and Paper Tigers -- Ex Occidente Lux -- XI.Societies -- Solidarity among the Civilized -- Cities --Contents note continued: Batavia's Colonial Sociology -- Close-Up: Urban Life in Syrian Aleppo -- Slaves -- Scholars and Aesthetes in Power -- Castes: Religious Straitjacket or Social Utopia? -- Feudalism -- Masks and Emotions -- The Birth of Sociology from the Spirit of Cultural Difference -- On Hospitality -- XII.Women -- The Cardinal Difference -- In the Realm of the Senses -- Domesticity -- Polygamy -- Labor, Liberty, and Sacrifice -- Progress and Civilization -- XIII.Into a New Age: The Rise of Eurocentrism -- Balance and Exclusion -- From Aladdin's Cave to Developing Nation -- Decline, Degeneration, Stagnation -- From the Theory of Civilization to the Civilizing Mission.
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