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Liars, leakers, and liberals : the case against the anti-Trump conspiracy

Pirro, Jeanine2018
We are victims of a subterfuge and sabotage of the presidency that we've never witnessed before. Nevertheless, President Trump continues to fight every day to keep his promise to Make America Great Again. That bold idea has already led to a conservative judge on the Supreme Court, tax reform, and deregulation that has unleashed an economy stronger than anyone could have imagined. But there are dark forces that seek to obstruct and undermine the president, their ultimate goal to reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election. They are part of a wide-ranging conspiracy that would seem incredible if it weren't being perpetrated openly, for all the world to see. Driven by unbridled ambition, blinded by greed, and bound by a common goal -- to unseat the 45th President of the United States -- this cabal is determined to maintain its hold on a power to which its members have no legitimate claim. Former prosecutor Jeanine Pirro outlines a plot against the People of the United States and argues that the conspirators have the means and motive to destroy our democratic republic. Pirro uncovers the elements of this conspiracy, including "fake news" propaganda, law enforcement corruption at the highest levels, and felonious national security leaks by members of the intelligence community. She exposes bureaucratic resistance to lawful and constitutional executive orders issued by the duly-elected president and crooked deals with foreign governments by U.S. officials sworn to defend our Constitution. It's about time the American public knows the truth about the plot to bring down the Trump presidency.
New York : Center Street, 2018.
274 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 261-274)
Here's my open -- Lying, liberal fake news and fiction -- Lying, liberal Hollywood hypocrites -- Lying, liberal RINOs -- Liberal sanctuary cities -- Lying, leaking, liberal leadership -- Lying, leaking, liberal law enforcement -- Lying and leaking to fix an election -- The liberal insurance policy -- The lying, leaking, liberal swamp's secret court -- The lying, leaking, liberal witch hunt -- The real Trump presidency -- The Trump boomerang -- Some closing thoughts.
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