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Beneath my feet : writers on walking

"Walking and writing have always gone together. Think of the poets who walk on a rhythm for their linesand the novelists who put their characters on a path. [This volume] rounds up the most memorable walker-writers from the 1300s to the modern day, from country hikers to urban strollers, from the rationalists to the truly outlandish. All of them analyse our need to put one foot in front of the other."--Back cover.
Main title:
Beneath my feet : writers on walking / introduced and edited by Duncan Minshull..
Kendal, Cumbria : Notting Hill Editions, 2018.
xix, 169 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm.
Introduction / Duncan Minshull -- Ready for anything / Ernest Delahaye -- Few people walk well / Frank Tatchell -- I walk for health and salvation / Søren Aaby Kierkegaard -- I walk because senses are heightened / Nicholas Shakespeare -- I walk for thoughts, experiences, arrivals / Rebecca Solnit -- The dog and I / Lucy Hughes-Hallett -- I wanted for nothing / Chevalier de la Tocnaye -- Barefoot through bogs and only a pair of shorts / John Hillaby -- The coat will go back to the cupboard / A. H. Sidgwick -- And I walk for a secret feeling of poetic capacity / Xavier de Maistre -- Roasted in an oven / John Muir -- Our feet absorb the Earth's goodness / James Leith Macbeth Bain -- In stinging rain / Mary Kingsley -- Through fields of snow / Henry David Thoreau -- Never look up / N. Brooke -- The fog shut down on us / Mark Twain -- Madness / Apsley Cherry-Garrard -- I like to go by myself / Willliam Hazlitt -- Never took any companion either / Thomas de Quincey -- Choose company with unusual care / Petrarch -- A good humoured multitude / Charles Dickens -- She wanted to take a walk / Jean-Jacques Rousseau -- Great men have been enthusiastic walkers / Leslie Stephen.No friendly reception on foot / Karl Philipp Moritz -- The inevitable end of every footpath / Richard Jefferies -- A good deal odoriferous / James Boswell -- Shouting children / Fanmny Kemble -- Don't bleed on me / Edward Hoagland -- Traffic torrential / Christopher Hope -- Trepidation / Kamila Shamsie -- No need to hurry / George Sand -- A dawdking observer / Lauren Elkin -- Between tea and dinner / Virginia Woolf -- Is this a real city? / Will Self -- I must camp / Robert Louis Stevenson -- In a sudden access of restlessness / Franz Kafka -- Afterword.
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