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The writer's practice : building confidence in your nonfiction writing

Warner, John, 1970-2019
"For anyone aiming to improve their skill as a writer, a new approach to establishing robust writing practices inside and outside the classroom"--
New York, New York : Penguin Books, 2019
xiii, 242 pages ; 20 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
Getting started -- Before we begin -- Writing experiences -- Questions about this book -- Who are you? (as a writer) -- How do I . . . ? (instructions) -- The writing process -- Should I . . . ? (review) -- Reading like a writer -- Who are they? (profiling) -- Making inferences from observations -- Where did you go? (sense memory) -- Bringing the world to the page -- You did what? (adventure report) -- Is it true? Did it really happen? (experience vs. memory) -- What's the right thing to do? (ethical dilemma) -- Titles -- If it isn't true, why do people believe it? (conspiracy theory analysis) -- Who are we? (rhetorical analysis of a commercial) -- Writing is thinking -- What's so funny? (rhetorical analysis of a work of humor) -- What's going to happen? (playing the pundit) -- Why proofreading is so difficult -- What if . . . ? (alternate history) -- Procrastination -- How's it all going to end? (judging the apocalypse) -- What do they mean? (argument summary and response) -- Huh? Say what? (research translation) -- The perils of "objectivity" -- Why should I trust this? (understanding sources) -- Hey, whaddaya know? (trivia questions and annotated bibliography) -- Is a hot dog a sandwich? (impossible argument) -- Using sources -- You've got to do this! (passion argument) -- Why am I so angry and what can I do about it? (problem/solution argument) -- Version 1: school edition -- Version 2: life edition -- Failure -- What do you want to say? (finding your own argument) -- May I . . . ? (proposal) -- Make me laugh (jokes) -- Collaboration -- Are you trying to make me angry? (conflict letter) -- How can I help you help me? (solution letter) -- If I knew then what i know now (advice to your former self) -- Feedback -- What should I do? (advice to someone else) -- No, seriously, make me laugh (short imagined monologue) -- Who is this stranger? (profile) -- Who is this special person? (tribute) -- The right word vs. the almost right word (thinking about sentences) -- Who are you now? (as a writer).
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