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Khaki town [Paperback]
Khaki town [Paperback]
Nunn, Judy2019
Judy Nunns new bestseller is a breathtaking historical novel set in Queensland during World War II. Khaki Town, Judy Nunns exciting new novel, is inspired by a true wartime story that has remained a well-kept secret for over seventy years. It seems to have happened overnight, Val thought. How extraordinary. Weve become a khaki town. Its March 1942. Singapore has fallen. Darwin has been bombed. Australia is on the brink of being invaded by the Imperial Japanese Forces. And Val Callahan, publican of The Browns Bar in Townsville, could not be happier as she contemplates the fortune shes making from lonely, thirsty soldiers. Overnight the small Queensland city is transformed into the transport hub for 70,000 American and Australian soldiers destined for combat in the South Pacific. Barbed wire and gun emplacements cover the beaches. Historic buildings are commandeered. And the dance halls are in full swing with jazz, jitterbug and jive. The Australian troops begrudge the confident, well-fed 'Yanks' who have taken over their town and their women. There's growing conflict, too, within the American ranks, because black GIs are enjoying the absence of segregation. And the white GIs don't like it. As racial violence explodes through the ranks of the military, a young United States Congressman, Lyndon Baines Johnson, is sent to Townsville by his president to investigate. Keep a goddamned lid on it, Lyndon, he is told, lest it explode in our faces ...'
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Nunn, Judy, author
[Port Melbourne, Victoria] ; [North Sydney, New South Wales] : William Heinemann Australia, part of the Penguin Random House Group, 2019.©2019.
384 pages : map ; 24 cm.
"It was a wartime story they didn't want told..."--Front cover.Includes bibliographical references.
9780143795179 (paperback)
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