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Disher, Garry, 1949-2019
Constable Paul Hirschhausen runs a one-cop station in the dry farming country south of the Flinders Ranges. Hes still new in town but the community workwelfare checks and working beesis starting to pay off. Now Christmas is here and, apart from a grass fire, two boys stealing a ute and Brenda Flann entering the front bar of the pub without exiting her car, Hirschs life has been peaceful. Until hes called to a strange, vicious incident in Kitchener Street. And Sydney police ask him to look in on a family living outside town on a forgotten back road. Suddenly, it doesnt look like a season of goodwill at all.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeDISHOnloan - Due: 16 Jul 2024
Brighton LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeDISHAvailable
Brighton LibraryAdult Fiction - CrimeDISHOnloan - Due: 02 Jul 2024
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