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Skin deep : journeys in the divisive science of race

Evans, Gavin2019
Tackles head-on the debate that has been raging on internet message boards and in academic journals. No longer limited by the fringe, race-based studies of intelligence have been discussed by thinkers such as Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson. If these studies were true, they would provide an intellectual justification for inequality and discrimination. Examining the latest research on how intelligence develops and laying out new discoveries in genetics, paleontology, archaeology, and anthropology to unearth the truth about our shared past, Skip Deep demolishes the pernicious myth that our race is our destiny and instead reveals what really makes us who we are.
London : Oneworld Publications, 2019.
xvi, 365 pages ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references (pages [315]-355) and index.
Foreword -- What is Scientific Racism? -- Are we smarter than our ancestors? -- Why did humans migrate? -- is Africa really "backward"? -- Where did "scientific" racism come from? -- Are race groups real? -- Can white men jump and black men swim? -- Are there race-based intelligence genes? -- What is IQ and is it hardwired? -- What can twins tell us about nature and nurture? -- Do rising IQs suggest genetic or environmental change? -- The Bell Curve: what's it all about and why is it back? -- Are Jews smarter than everyone else? -- Do some populations have different brains from others? -- Is race science making a comeback? -- Race, genes and intelligence: where next?
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