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Thumbnail for The Chess Raven chronicles. Book two. The girl who chose

The Chess Raven chronicles. Book two. The girl who chose

Grace, Violet2019
Being Queen is not all it's cracked up to be - all pageantry and no power, always lonely but never alone. Chess Raven is starting to realise that perhaps she wasn't 'The One? after all. Maybe she was just the last resort. When an opportunity arises to form an alliance with the royal family in Venice, Chess jumps at the chance to prove herself. But her mission is complicated by the heir to the throne, Prince Victor Grigio, whose heart is set on romance, regardless of what Chess thinks. Meanwhile, the sisterhood of mermaids who swim in the Venetian canals offer Chess a deal - find the scroll containing their lost songs of freedom and power in exchange for her mother's life. Hunted by enemies both human and Fae, Chess races to uncover the truth about her past and find the scroll that will set her mother free. First, though, she must learn the lesson of love - what it is - and what it isn't?
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Beaumaris LibraryTeen FictionT GRAAvailable
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