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The dragon's breakfast
The dragon's breakfast
French, Vivian2019
Princess Persephone Stephanie Tiffany Jane ('Pom' for short) hates being a princess. Her parents have no time for her - especially her dad, the King of Struggen, who's busy plotting against the neighbouring kingdom of Thrum. So when a friendly young orphan named Billy appears at the palace, Pom decides to run off with him. She's after adventure, and knows exactly where she'll find it: Bullion Island, a tiny patch of land that stands exactly between Struggen and Thrum. Legend has it that there's pirate treasure hiding in Bullion's sea-caves, guarded by a fearsome dragon, but nobody knows for sure because no sailor has managed a return trip. But Pom isn't afraid of dragons... or anything else!
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior FictionJ FREAvailable
Brighton LibraryJunior FictionJ FREOnloan - Due: 26 Aug 2021