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Vognox the Viking and the Island of Skeletons
Vognox the Viking and the Island of Skeletons
Falk, Nick2019
Hey, you! Yes, you with the nose. Do you like adventure stories? Yes? Oh. Maybe try another book. This one is about me - Vognox the Viking - and I REALLY don't like adventures. There isn't a single exciting thing in here. Well, okay, there is that bit when I almost get sucked into a giant whirlpool. And the part where I'm chased by a dragon. And all those skeletons. And then... arggh! Who am I kidding? It's that Awful Awfa that keeps making me do all of these awful adventures. Who knows what will happen next? Maybe you should read it, after all...
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Beaumaris LibraryJunior FictionJ FALAvailable