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Triggers : how we can stop reacting and start healing

Richo, David, 1940-2019
"We lash out in anger. We cry and retreat. We find ourselves paralyzed. Our bodies respond powerfully to triggers, often before our minds catch up to make sense of a situation. This book helps us learn to manage our immediate reactions in these difficult moments. It also goes much deeper to help us understand why we are affected by certain things and the powerful lessons we can learn from these instinctive responses to move towards healing. Bestselling author and psychologist David Richo explains the brain science behind our immediate reactions and discusses fear, anger, sadness, and relationship triggers in depth. When we are triggered, he writes that "we are being bullied by our own unfinished business." By looking deeply at the roots of what provokes us, Richo invites readers to cultivate our inner resources and develop practices to find more peace"--
Boulder : Shambala, 2019.
viii, 186 pages ; 22 cm.
One.What Triggers Us And Why? -- Real and Imagined Triggers -- When the Trigger Is Inside Us -- Inner Demons -- What Makes Triggers So Disturbing -- Two.Traumas And Resources -- Childhood Wounds and Neuroscience -- Healthy Ways to Connect Our Then and Now -- How Much of Me Is Me? -- Three.How To Handle A Trigger -- Handy Tools -- Shadow, Ego, Early Life: What's Really Going On? -- Practices That Increase Our Personal Inner Resources -- Four.The Sadness Trigger -- Grief about What We Missed Early On -- Mourning a Death -- When Others Are Sad -- Tears in Our Mortal Story -- Five.The Anger Trigger -- Is It Anger or Abuse? -- The Angry Ego -- Why We Fear Others' Anger -- A New World -- Six.The Fear Trigger -- Both Desires and Fears -- When Closeness Is Scary -- Practices for Freeing Ourselves from the Grip of Fear -- Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness for Fearlessness -- Seven.Relationship Triggers And Resources -- True Companions -- When Our Feelings Are Hurt -- Difficult Patterns in Relationships -- States of the Union -- Danger in the Electronics Sector? -- Practices That Increase Our Relationship Resources -- Eight.Spiritual Resources -- When the Time Has Come -- Neuroplasticity and Spirituality -- Practices That Increase Our Spiritual Resources.
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