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Toto the ninja cat and the superstar catastrophe

O'Leary, Dermot2019
After months of keeping London safe from notorious animal bad guys, Toto the Ninja Cat is going on a well-earned holiday to the world's most famous music festival - Catstonbury! But a villain has a dastardly plan to hypnotise the crowd when a world-famous band is on stage, turning them into evil minions. How can Toto possibly prevent the catastrophe when everyone thinks the band is the cat's pyjamas? It will take all Toto's ninja skills - and some help from a friendly otter - to save the day... Ideal for reading aloud or for children to curl up with and read alone, the story features brilliant black and white illustrations throughout. With gentle themes of friendship, inclusivity and winning in the face of adversity, this is a hilarious must-read for all animal-loving kids!
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Beaumaris LibraryJunior FictionJ OLEAvailable
Brighton LibraryJunior FictionJ OLENot seen at Stocktake (Set: 13 May 2024)
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