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Wind turbine syndrome : a communicated disease

Chapman, Simon2017
As governments aroung the world try to curb fossil fuel emissions, more and more countries are turning to wind energy as a cheap and reliable alternative. Yet some critics have warned that wind turbines cause a range of health problems, from insomnia and accelerated ageing to herpes, haemorrhoids and multiple sclerosis. There is no scientific evidence for these claims, but they have caused intense anxiety in some communities. 'Wind turbine syndrome' shows all the hallmarks of being a 'communicated disease': an illness that spread by people talking about it. In other words, people are worrying themselves sick. In this eye-opening account, Simon Chapman and Fiona Crichton examine the arguments and tactics of the anti-windfarm movement. They consider how and why health scares take hold in some communities, and offer practical, evidence-based suggestions for addressing unfounded concerns.--Back cover.
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