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Thumbnail for Decoding boys : new science behind the subtle art of raising sons

Decoding boys : new science behind the subtle art of raising sons

Natterson, Cara Familian, 1970-2020
"What is my son doing behind his constantly closed door? What's with his curt responses, impulsiveness, newfound obsession with gaming, and...that funky smell? As pediatrician and mother of two teenagers Cara Natterson explains, puberty starts in boys long before any visible signs appear, which causes confusion about their changing temperaments for boys and their parents alike. Often, they also grow quieter as they grow taller, which leads to less parent-child communication. But, as Natterson warns, we respect their increasing "need" for privacy and alone time at their peril. Explaining how modern culture mixes badly with male adolescent biology, she offers science, strategies, scripts, and tips for getting it right."
New York : Ballantine Books, 2020.
xxi, 232 pages ; 25 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Inside changes. How to talk to boys ; Understanding testosterone: the magical hormone that turns boys into men ; Yes, your nine-year-old might be in puberty ; Later, dude ; When they look like adults but don't think like them -- Outside forces. Boys and "the talk": 21st-century information disruptors ; Boys and sex: the game-changing roles of porn, nudes, and consent ; Boys and body image: no pain, no gain ; Boys and addiction: the reward circuit stimulants ; Boys and guns: aggression and violence, from schools to screens -- The end of the lecture, the beginning of your conversation -- The details. The biology of boy puberty, everything gets bigger ; Acne ; Body odor ; Erections ; Growth spurts ; Hair, hair, everywhere ; Moods ; Voice changes ; Wet dreams.
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