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Foothand, Elbownose

Thomas, Kiah2019
The story of an unhappy foot, and a boy who just wants what's best for everyone. Max's foot is fed up and wants to be a hand instead - he's over puddles and prickles and being trod on every day - and Max, being ever so obliging, agrees. All is fine until the other body parts start putting in requests of their own, and when Max finds himself with not only a foothand but an elbownose, headbottom and a mouthear, he has no choice but to send the body parts back to where they belong. Which, as it happens, suits them. A book about being nice and doing what we can to make others happy, but trying not to compromise your own happiness and wellbeing at the same time.
LocationCollectionCall numberStatus/Desc
Brighton LibraryJunior Picture BooksTOnloan - Due: 23 Jun 2024
Brighton LibraryJunior Picture BooksTOnloan - Due: 11 Jul 2024
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