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The 12th candle
The 12th candle
Tomsic, Kim2019
Sage Sassafras's life is cursed! No, really. Since birth, Sage has been plagued by the Contrarium Curse that's set her at odds with classmate Priscilla Petty. Every time something goes right for Priscilla, it goes terribly, horribly wrong for Sage. And things always go well for Priscilla. Sage blames the curse for all her middle school misery, from losing a friend to failing gym to gaining a reputation as the girl whose daddy's in trouble. So when Sage is given a magical candle on her twelfth birthday, she seizes the chance to turn her luck around with a wish to reverse the curse. But when the consequences of her wish take a terrible turn, Sage has to team up with her worst enemy before she's doomed to a life of opposites forever.
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Hampton LibraryJunior FictionJ TOMAvailable