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Prognosis : a memoir of my brain

Vallance, Sarah2019
"When Sarah Vallance is thrown from a horse and suffers a jarring blow to the head, she believes she's walked away unscathed. The next morning, things take a sharp turn as she's led from work to the emergency room. By the end of the week, a neurologist delivers a devastating prognosis: Sarah suffered a traumatic brain injury that has caused her IQ to plummet, with no hope of recovery. Her brain has irrevocably changed. Afraid of judgment and deemed no longer fit for work, Sarah isolates herself from the outside world. She spends months at home, with her dogs as her only source of companionship, battling a personality she no longer recognizes and her shock and rage over losing simple functions she'd taken for granted. Her life is consumed by fear and shame until a chance encounter gives Sarah hope that her brain can heal. That conversation lights a small flame of determination, and Sarah begins to push back, painstakingly reteaching herself to read and write, and eventually reentering the workforce and a new, if unpredictable, life. In this highly intimate account of devastation and renewal, Sarah pulls back the curtain on life with traumatic brain injury, an affliction where the wounds are invisible and the lasting effects are often misunderstood. Over years of frustrating setbacks and uncertain triumphs, Sarah comes to terms with her disability and finds love with a woman who helps her embrace a new, accepting sense of self."
Main title:
New York : Little A, 2019
262 pages ; 22 cm.
Includes bibliographical resources.
Machine generated contents note: ch. 1 Accidents Will Happen -- ch. 2 The Pockmark on the Wall -- ch. 3 Building a New Brain (Part One) -- ch. 4 Metamorphosis -- ch. 5 Impulses That Won't Be Controlled -- ch. 6 Dogs Are the Best People -- ch. 7 Building a New Brain (Part Two) -- ch. 8 America -- ch. 9 Anger Is a (Not So) Short Madness Horace (Epistles Book 1) (with a slight modification) -- ch. 10 You Can Run, but You Can't Hide -- ch. 11 The Unraveling -- ch. 12 Melancholia -- ch. 13 Next of Kin -- ch. 14 Synchronicity.
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Brighton LibraryAdult Non Fiction - Biography617.481 VALAvailable
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