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Getting the blues : the future of Australian Labor
Getting the blues : the future of Australian Labor
Dyrenfurth, Nick2019
This is an unsparing take on what many are calling Labor's unlosable election and presents a bold, passionate blueprint for renewal. Nick Dyrenfurth takes stock of the turbulent last decade of Australian politics and identifies what is really roiling our polity - economic insecurity, seismic cultural change and a shattering of faith in our democratic institutions. In Dyrenfurth's candid account of the Rudd-Gillard years, the Shorten-era and 2019 federal election, Getting the Blues provides answers to the big questions confronting modern Labor: is it fundamentally broken? Or does the 128-year-old party have the willingness to change and renew itself?
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Brighton LibrarySociety and Beliefs324.29407 DYRAvailable