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The power of nunchi : the Korean secret to happiness and success
The power of nunchi : the Korean secret to happiness and success
Hong, Y. Euny2019
Nunchi (noon-chee): eye measure. The subtle art of gauging other people's thoughts, and feelings in order to build trust, harmony and connection. Why did she get promoted? Nunchi is the guiding principle of Korean life, but anyone can use it; it's the art of reading a room, relating to others, and using that awareness to get ahead. Korean parents believe that teaching their children nunchi is as important as teaching them to cross the road. With great nunchi, it feels like the world is on your side. Without it, you might get hit by something you never saw coming. If you're thinking 'not another Eastern fad, Marie Kondo already made me throw half my clothes away', don't worry: it's not a fad. Koreans have been using nunchi to overcome slings and arrows for over 5000 years. From finding love to excelling at work, improving your nunchi will help you to open doors you never knew existed. Improve your nunchi, improve your life.
London : Hutchinson, 2019.
234 pages ; 19 cm.
Includes bibliographical references.
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