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HBR guide to managing strategic initiatives

"This big initiative could make or break this fiscal year--or your career. Strategic initiatives are where the rubber meets the road when it comes to putting strategy into action, and leading a critical initiative may be the key to propelling your career forward. Yet managing a cross-functional team on a high-profile project can present a multitude of challenges and risks, causing even the most experienced manager to struggle. The HBR Guide to Managing Strategic Initiatives provides practical tips and advice to help you manage all the stages of an initiative's life cycle, from buy-in to launch, implementation to scaling up or winding down. You'll learn how to: launch an initiative in a way that maximizes its chance of success ; assemble a team that's ready to perform ; gather the resources you need ; stay on schedule and within budget ; avoid losing momentum once the initiative is up and running ; maintain the confidence of sponsors and stakeholders ; put strategy into action."
Boston, Massachusetts : Harvard Business Review Press, 2020
xiii, 235 pages ; 23 cm.
Includes index."Smarter than the average guide" -- cover.
Section 1. From idea to pitch: A guide to winning support for your new idea or project -- persistence is key / Rebecca Knight -- How to keep support for your project from evaporating: don't rely on personal relationships alone / Allison Rimm -- You've pitched your initiative-what's next?: whether you're full-speed ahead or back to the drawing board / Ray Sheen -- Section 2. Evaluating and prioritizing a strategic portfolio: Which initiatives should you implement?: projects should be evaluated rigorously and rationally / Sam Bodley Scott and Alan P. Brache -- A better way to set strategic priorities: it doesn't involve rank ordering them / Derek Lidow -- Too many projects: root out the causes of initiative overload / Rose Hollister and Michael D. Watkins -- The initiative portfolio review process: maximize your "return on initiatives." / Keith Katz and Travis Manzione -- Rebalance your initiative portfolio: think like an investment manager to manage risk and maximize performance / Peter Lacasse -- Section 3. Launching and implementing initiatives: New project? Don't analyze-act: act, learn, and build your way into the future / Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles F. Kiefer, Paul B. Brown -- Monitoring and controlling your project: a 5-step refresher on the most critical aspects of managing projects / Ray Sheen -- Building a transformative team: assemble the right players to thrive in uncertainty / Nathan Furr, Kyle Nell, Thomas Zoëga Ramsøy -- Teamwork on the fly: execute and learn at the same time / Amy C. Edmondson -- Why good projects fail anyway: break huge initiatives into manageable pieces / Nadim F. Matta and Ron Ashkenas -- Section 4. Maintaining momentum and overcoming challenges: 4 ways to be more effective at execution: the most important skill to keep an initiative on track / Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman -- Learning in the thick of it: use AARs to aid future success / Marilyn Darling, Charles Parry, and Joseph Moore -- How to hand off an innovation project from one team to another: don't let great ideas die in the execution phase / Joe Brown -- Making process improvements stick: why some initiatives endure and some others don't / research from Matthias Holweg, Bradley Staats, and David M. Upton -- Your initiative needs an "exit champion": prevent struggling projects from becoming money pits / Isabell E. Royer -- Section 5. Keeping strategy and execution aligned: Good strategy execution requires balancing 4 tensions: begin with creativity versus discipline / Simon Horan and Michael Connerty -- 5 Ways the best companies close the strategy-execution gap: test and learn, then test some more / Michael Mankins -- Your strategy has to be flexible-but so does your execution: strategy and execution should never be separate / Martin Reeves and Rodolphe Charme di Carlo.
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