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An orphan world

Caputo, Giuseppe, 1982-2019
In a run-down neighbourhood, in an unnamed seaside city with barely any amenities, a father and son struggle to keep their heads above water. Rather than being discouraged by their difficulties and hardship, they are spurred to come up with increasingly outlandish plans for their survival. Even when a terrible, macabre event rocks the neighbourhoods bar district and the locals start to flee, father and son decide to stay put. What matters is staying together. Without ever mentioning the word gay, this is a bold poignant text that interplays a very tender father-son relationship while exposing homosexuality and homophobia with brutal honesty. With delicate lyricism and imagery, Caputos originality and creativity produce a tale that harmoniously balances violence, discrimination, love, sex and defiance, demonstrating that he is a storyteller of great skill. An Orphan World is about poverty, and the resourceful ways in which people confront poverty. At the same time, it is a reflection about the body as a space of pleasure and violence. Perhaps above all else, An Orphan World is a brutally honest love letter between a father and son.
Main title:
An orphan world / Giuseppe Caputo ; translated by Juana Adcock & Sophie Hughes.
Edinburgh : Charco Press, 2019.©2019
218 pages ; 20 cm.
Translated from the Spanish.
9781916465626 (paperback)1916465625 (paperback)
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Brighton LibraryAdult Fiction - GeneralCAPUOnloan - Due: 06 Jul 2024
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